How to use Ramen Pass

Valid from 6/7 to 6/21

Quick Tips to Enjoy Ramen

“Ramen” is the restaurants keywords people are searching for the most online in Japan. Ramen has its long history in Japan, but people never get tired of it. Take advantage of Ramen PASS and taste as many ramen as you can!

  • ■ Feel Free to Add Your Favorite Seasoning

    Most ramen houses provide spices such as white pepper, chili pepper and sesame seeds along with self-serving toppings such as crushed garlic or picked ginger on the counters or tabletops. Try the soup as is first, then feel free to add any topping to boost your ramen flavor to your best liking.

  • ■ Using a Spoon & Chopsticks at the Same Time

    First, grab the chopsticks with your dominant hand and a ramen spoon with the other. While scooping soup in your spoon, take some noodles with your chopsticks, then place the noodles into your spoon and quickly carry it into your mouth. The broth and noodles will beautifully harmonize on your taste buds. This will take a little practice but you’ll get the hang of it within minutes - and is without a doubt the standard method of ramen eating.

  • ■ Make Noise While Eating! It’s The Ramen Way

    When dining out for some Italian spaghetti or French soup, making loud and obnoxious noises while eating is inconsiderate and bad table manners. However, when it comes to eating ramen, making noise is proof of scrumptiousness. Hearing someone slurp down miso ramen or watching your friend scarf down a bowl of shio ramen can actually stimulate your appetite. So tie your hair back, roll up your sleeves, and prepare yourself to enjoy a perfect bowl of ramen!

  • ■ Kaedama for a Big Eater & Big Saver

    You are hungry and one bowl is not enough for you, but you don’t want to pay for another bowl. For a big eater and money saver, most ramen houses offer a system known as kaedama (meaning refill). When you finish your noodles, you can order kaedama for a few more dollars - and more noodles are placed into your remaining broth.

  • ■ Ramen’s Best Friends – Gyoza & Fried Rice

    Gyoza (meat dumpling) is ramen’s better half, and many ramen shops offer their own original gyoza. It’s a perfect accompanying appetizer to prepare your tummy when you are waiting for a hot bowl of soup. Also, fried rice is one of the most popular side dishes for ramen in Japan. But here in the States, many shops have a variety of mini rice bowls such as sushi bowl, teriyaki chicken bowl and chashu bowl.